Erasmus ZŠ Dolany

Projects 2020 - 2023 / Traditional songs and song of our project

Students in each school made a video with traditional song in national languages and share with partners schools. We also made song of our project in english and each national language version.

The song of our project

Our link is very strong,
It’s called Erasmus our bond,
It unites us in life,
And inspires the mind,
This link, this bond brightens every student’s dream,
This link, this bond colours the soul of a kid.
Tiyiaya tiyiaya tiyayia o, tiyiaya,tiyiaya,tiyiaya o,
yia o, yia o ,
tiyayayia,tiyiaya,tiyiayia o ,
yia o,yia o,
tiyiayia ,tiyiayia o,

song of our project - national languages version