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Projects between schools from Portugal, Italy and Gzech republic

Projects between schools from Portugal, Italy and Gzech republic

Project information

Getting acquainted and development of knowledge in the field of cultural traditions and values of the region of each participating country, creating a sense of belonging among all involved as a prerequisite for positive sharing of European values, development of communication in English, development of competencies in ICT communication, development of aesthetic skills of our pupils, social and personal skills of participants, the development of tolerant attitudes towards people of different nationalities, the creation of a sense of belonging to European values and civilization.
Our project is aimed at sharing information about the past, culture, traditions and customs of the regions of the individual countries involved in the project. However, the aim is not simply to communicate information, but rather to find common European values that all our countries associate. We have searched partner schools through the e-twining platform, but not accidentally. Each of the countries involved was, at some point, the creator and initiator of progress in a common Europe, the creator of a common culture and values. The basic target of the project is the creation of tourist guides, exchange of literary works among participants, mutual learning of traditional customs – for example, dance. As part of the project, we will also pay attention to the important anniversaries of individual countries – 100 years from the birth of Czechoslovakia, 500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci. Pupils will communicate with each other and exchange their work while attending classes at host schools. For participating teachers, it will also be an opportunity to gain new methods and forms of teaching in other countries, which they will then be able to apply in their practice. Within each visit, we will organize a local event for the public, where we will present the results of our project, as well as pupils will perform cultural performances. All information on the implementation of the project will be published on the project website, in the regional press and through the e-twinning.