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About the schools


Our school is a state, elementary school. It´s situated in Moravia, eastern part of the Czech Republic.Concretely it´s situated in a village named Dolany. The nearest town is Olomouc. Our school is complete – it has the first and the second grade or stage.. Pupils from age of 6 years to the age of 15 years can attend our school. The both grades (the first as well as the second grade) are available for the pupils. Actually there are 433 pupils in our school. Three foreign languages – English, German and French – are teached in school. We´re interested in foreign cooperation with other schools.

We believe this cooperation is able to increase pupils´ and teachers´ interest in studying languages and also it can bring to the classrooms a kind of european dimension. School projects and activities present the best way for strengthening and consolidating of friendly atmosphere in school.

We aspire to be friendly and active school in our region. Our school has been involved in the project for the following reasons – to enable pupils to learn about a different culture that is part of a common European culture, to build pupils’ awareness of basic European values, to enable pupils to improve their knowledge of English in practice, to complete school subjects by teaching about history and art and topics that are part of our project. We have experience with project from the European Union, we have participated in the EDISON project (AISEC OL.) and in e-twinning project -the Voices of the Great War. At our school, there is a very talented team of teachers, who like to learn new things, who is flexible and able to lead demanding projects.

We have successfully completed projects from the EU, we are able to communicate and organize teaching with students from foreign countries. Teaching history, cultural belonging and foreign languages is one of the main goals along with the environmental education of our educational program.

History of our school – you can find here – school.pdf