National languages as the way to know each other

Erasmus project between four schools

Czech – Dolany 

Greece – Keratsini

Portugal – Baixa da Banheira

Italy – Caserta 

Information about our project

The project was created as an effort to deepen cooperation between three schools in the Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal, which we started
to develop in 2018-2020 on the topic of common past and present values. In an effort to further deepen this cooperation, we have now
decided to focus attention on national languages and their context in folk literature and local traditions. We also gave the opportunity to
participate in the project to a school from Greece, which has no experience in implementation. Project name: National languages as a way to
mutual cognition fully describe the content of cooperation and we also believe that they will further deepen mutual understanding of cultural
values, traditions of individual countries and creation of belonging to common values of European culture. The aim of the project is to teach all
participants basic communication skills in the language of the partner school, then to develop communication in English and to give teachers
the opportunity to share examples of good practice during visits to the partner schools. The means to achieve this goal are the creation of a
multilingual dictionary, the implementation of intensive national language courses in partnership meetings, the creation of a common anthem
of the project, mutual cooperation between pupils, knowledge of folk literature and folklore traditions, sharing experiences among teachers.